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For people who live in GEORGIA

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Anonymous40784   in reply to pmrobin
Contact the DAV (Disabled American Veterans).
They can provide transportation for him.
Best wishes
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My husband and I are looking for a minivan. We are both on disability and we do not have a vehivle to get to our doctors. He is a Vietnam Vet and he has several diabetic ulcerts on his foot and I do not have a way of getting himm to VA for treatment. He does not qualify for help through the VA fot transportation. If someone could help us out we would really appreciate it.

Thanks and God Bless
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Just lost my job abt a month ago thru no fault of my own.......late on rent and bills are accumulating. D:
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debbie DEBBIE
HELLO, MY NAME IS Deborah I am a GA RESIDENT. I recieve disability. And, I recently purchased a car. And, it has problems it will not start. It is a1997 Dodge Caravan. I am trying to find work and a provide a way for my son who is an asmatic. We have to walk everywhere. My body is in so much pain everyday. There are no buses inmy community. I need transportation to get around I want to get off disability and provide a better life for my self. But, I really need some help. I am challenged with trying to work. But after 20 something years. I am trying to have the faith to change my destiny even with my disabilities. Pleas call me at 404-573-2482 or email me at Thank you and I appreciate you reading my letter. God Bless you
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I'm just needing someone that can donate a clunker truck, ain't got to look pretty. Needing a truck so that I can finally get back to work.
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I need help getting a car. I am a single mom. I am currently working and getting rides from friends but getting a dependable ride of my own is very difficult. I would like to return to school to earn my degree and get a better job so I can support my kids and myself better, instead of the back breaking work I am doing now. I can't find anything in GA to help me out anyone know where I can turn? I'm seriously getting desperate. I don't want to lose the one job I do have because of undependable rides....PLEASE Help!
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I need help getting my car fixed, can probably pay payments but not sure how much, depending on the repairs. Started out with a knock sensor (emissions sticker issue) and now something different after coming back from the repair shop. I have been told it needs a transmission but again not sure about this. It has been setting in my drive for months after a mechanic did not want to do the work but I did not have enough money so I understood that but would have paid some when I had a little, it drove to the shop but not back and now will not drive at all. I am soon to be 62 very hard to get around this town with no car and a little scary. I am lucky enough to have a small paying job I do from home so I am not totally dead in the water, thanking my god and my fingers. Would be nice to not have to ask for a neighbor to take me to the store, they do tire of it and I am also and ashamed. Just need some direction or advise.
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Need help getting my car out the shop call 2293255219
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